Dr Richard Kunin



Top 20 things you want to know:


  1. Founding President: Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine, Dedicated to continuing education for multi-disciplinary health professionals, including MD, DO, PhD, ND, DDS, DC, RN, PA, LAc, TCM, RD, RPT, MSW, CCN, - and patients.

  2. University of Minnesota Medical School class of 1955.

  3. US Army Medical Corps, Captain, 1959-1961

  4. Fellow in Neurology (neurophysiology) Stanford Medical Center (1963) and Consultant in Behavior Therapy (1964)

  5. Prevention Magazine 1972: first to combine computer diet, hair mineral analysis, nutrient blood testing in treating mental illness and brain disease.

  6. Discovered manganese treatment for drug-induced tardive dyskinesia (1973)

  7. Discovered aspirin as antidote for flush reaction to vitamin B3 (niacin) (1974)

  8. Innovated Balance Point Test and Listen To Your Body Personalized Diet (1975)

  9. Co-Founder: Orthomolecular Medical Society -- with Linus Pauling, Bernard Rimland, Julian Whitaker, Michael Lesser (1976)

  10. Book: MegaNutrition (1980)

  11. Book: MegaNutrition for Women (1983)

  12. Over 70 presentations at major medical symposia

  13. Presenter at President’s Council on Mental Retardation (1988) Recent advances: Focus on Methylation, Betaine, B12, Folic and synergistic nutrients

  14. Nutrition is Circulation; Circulation is Nutrition.

  15. Megavitamins-Nature’s anticoagulants for heart, brain and kidney symptoms.

  16. Megavitamins-Nature’s antioxidants for pollution protection and healthy aging.

  17. Methylation—transfer of methyl, the activated carbon, required for hundreds of body products in healing and adaptation!

  18. Laboratory testing to document the methylation enzymes and products, thus directing therapy better than ever before! Our health and happiness depend on it.

  19. Treating methylation lowers homocysteine and protects against depression, cancer, vascular disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimers as well as improving all healing.

  20. Dr. Kunin has been a ‘nutrition physician’ since 1967 and is fully active with patients while leading in the exciting development of Health-Medicine.